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Oahu tours offer you countless possibilities when it comes to exploring the so-called “Heart of Hawaii.” From sightseeing tours to helicopter tours, not to mention plenty of ocean activities, the island features numerous ways to put you in touch with nature. With so much to do, the hard part may be fitting it all in. 

Generally speaking, Oahu tours focus on Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii. You can check out sites that commemorate the island’s history prior to statehood. Oahu tours can take you to a number of spots. For instance, you could find yourself at Iolani Palace, where the last two rulers of the Kingdom of Hawaii once lived, or at the statue of King Kamehameha the Great, who united the Hawaiian Islands at the end of the 18th century. Meanwhile, other Oahu tours might shuttle you to Aloha Tower, Kawaiahao Church, and the Mission Houses, where Christian missionaries once lived and instructed natives on religion, literacy, and health. Another place that’s worthwhile while touring Oahu is the Valley of the Temples. Here you can discover the Byodo-In Temple, which is surrounded by peaceful gardens, koi ponds, and mountainous terrain. 

Take an Oahu sightseeing tour at a World War II landmark or two, such as the USS Arizona Memorial, which was erected in honor of the ship sunk by foreign attack; this moment, in fact, prompted American involvement in the war. Afterward, you can head to the USS Missouri Memorial, which signifies the other side of WWII—namely, the end of it, when Japan finally surrendered. Meanwhile, sightseeing tour options are provided at the Pacific Aviation Museum, the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, the USS Oklahoma Memorial, and “Punchbowl,” which is the nickname for the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. During your time here, you’ll learn a ton about US involvement in WWII, and feel your heart swell with a sense of patriotism! 

Helicopter tours provide aerial angles of the island’s natural beauty. On an air tour, you can soar over Honolulu while comfortably seated in a temperature-controlled cabin. More than the city, however, nature alone offers most of the sights you’re wanting to see, such as Diamond Head and sickle-shaped Hanauma Bay. More than that, Mokolii will leave your jaw on the floor, especially since the island resembles a Chinese straw hat. It’s for that reason that it’s referred to locally as “Chinaman’s Hat.” 

After taking an Oahu tour or two, you might want to think about participating in one of the many ocean activities that take place off the coast of the island. If you’ve got an outgoing, sporty personality, this is just the thing for you. Ocean activities on Oahu range from basic to involved, such as swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Finally, one ocean activity that can’t be forgotten is surfing. 

The long and the short of it, then, is that Oahu tours are meant to enable you to soak up the nature and history of the island in a fun and efficient way. In fact, the variety is so great that you might struggle to find a place or an activity that an Oahu tour doesn’t cover.

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