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Oahu Snorkeling Tours

Oahu snorkeling tours are one of the main reasons people flock to the island that’s often referred to as the “Heart of Hawaii.” That’s amazing considering the fact that Oahu is also home to Diamond Head, Honolulu, and Waikiki Beach. Nevertheless, it’s the truth—Oahu snorkeling tours are a major draw! The difficult part actually isn’t deciding whether or not you want to take one, it’s which one you want to take. 

Dolphin Snorkel

Oahu Dolphin Snorkel Adventure

Starting At: $121.38/Person

Experience Hawaii’s rich biodiversity up close and personal with this snorkeling excursion. From playful dolphins to easygoing turtles, you’ll make new animal friends during this amazing tour.

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In our opinion, a four-hour dolphin snorkeling trip off the Leeward Coast is the best. A boat will take you further out into the Pacific Ocean than you’d normally get, and there, you’ll interact with the playful animals. You’ll swim alongside dolphins, hear them talk to one another, and watch them jump. It’s a special experience that you can’t get very many other places. Plus, on top of the dolphins and depending on the time of year you’re traveling, you’ll get to see Hawaiian green sea turtles, as well as humpback whales that migrate into these warm waters every winter for mating season. 


Oahu Snorkeling With Sharks

Starting At: $120/Person

If you’ve ever watched the movie Jaws, then you know how powerful and terrifying sharks can be. See them up close and personal during this half-day Oahu snorkeling tours.

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Another compelling Oahu snorkeling tours option is to go on a shark-viewing excursion. This two-hour trip, like the one before, takes you into the middle of the ocean; nevertheless, unlike the previous one, you’re there to see not friendly dolphins, but ferocious sharks. Thus, your snorkeling will take place inside of a steel dive cage, which guarantees your safety even as these 15-ft. predators circle around you on the quest for afternoon snack. The rush of adrenaline you’ll get at that point is insane! 

So if you’re aiming to find an outstanding way to spend a morning or an afternoon on Hawaii’s most populated island, look no further than Oahu snorkeling tours


Oahu Scuba Diving

Aside from Oahu snorkeling tours, if you’re searching for clear waters full of underwater attractions in which to go scuba diving, then Oahu is a match made in heaven. Here, 20-to-100-feet below the Pacific Ocean’s surface, you’ll find colorful coral reefs, labyrinth-like lava tubes, century-old wrecks, and much, much more. No matter what your level of experience, there’s a scuba excursion crafted for you! 


2 Tank Boat Dive in Oahu

Starting At: $125.00/Person

Take the plunge of a lifetime on this half-day scuba trip off the picturesque coast of Honolulu. What you’ll see will amaze you: indigenous fish, agile sea turtles, and underwater shipwrecks. 

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Beginners can find plenty of two-tank introductory dives on which they’ll be under close supervision of a PADI certified instructor. You’ll learn how to breathe underwater with a tank, how to interact with animals you encounter, and what to expect during your journey. One popular spot for an inaugural scuba dive are the clear and shallow waters of Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.  Here you can take in the sights of over 400 types of fish, as well as the famous Hawaiian honu, that is, green sea turtles! To the north, beginners are sure to love Shark’s Cove, which boasts long stretches of lava tubes, caves, rock formations, and of course, white-tipped reef sharks. It’s a visual delight that may be the very best on the island! Grumpy’s Reef is also excellent, and at just over 30 ft. deep, accessible to any rookie diver. In addition, if you have people in your group that do not dive, these trips can typically be combined with Oahu snorkeling tours.

wreck diving oahu

Oahu Deep Sea Dive

Starting At: $125.00/Person

Plunge into the ocean depths on this excursion, where you’ll explore several shipwrecks and see stunning tropical fish. The dive is designed for advanced open water divers.

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Meanwhile, experienced, PADI certified divers can head out to a variety of scuba sites, some of which are well off the coast of Oahu and require a boat. There are several wrecks out in the deep seas, including a World War II Corsair fighter plane that went down on a 1946 training mission. It’s over 100 ft. down, so this trip isn’t for the faint of heart. If you can brave it, however, it’s well worth it; you’ll see its wings and cockpit upright and intact, as well as eels, rays, octopi, and frog fish. Other wrecks accessible from Oahu include the Baby Barge and the larger Kahala Barge, not to mention the San Pedro, YO-257, and Seatiger, which were deliberately sunken in the 1990’s for the sake of underwater tours. 

For the opportunity to spot Hawaii’s famous monk seals, check out Big Sea Cave or Spitting Caves. Both are more than 55 ft. down, and boast incredible rocky topography. The seals are plentiful. Adding to the magic of it all is that, during the winter, the sound of whale songs and bellows actually bounces off of the cave walls! 

In addition to guided, single-day scuba tours and Oahu snorkeling tours, you can select from a variety of multi-day packages for as few as three or as many as seven days. If you’re hoping to become certified, that can be arranged, as well; visitors can find courses in which they’ll be certified as a rescue diver or an open water diver, respectively. Lastly, PADI certified divers who own their own equipment can consider a half- or full-day charter, with or without a dive guide. They’ll even have the ability to combine it with a fishing segment, too! 

There’s virtually no limit to the scuba possibilities open to you in Oahu. Whether you’re hoping to explore a reef or a wreck, or meet seals, sharks, or turtles, there’s a tour waiting for you.

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